Punch Press

Punch Press
CNC Turret Press


Lingo Manufacturing has you covered on all your punch press needs. From small quantities to large production runs Lingo can handle it all.

The speed of punching is its main advantage. Lingo uses fixed tooling which means we are able to punch out parts at amazing speeds. At the heart of this process is our custom designed hard tooling and coil fed stamping line. This automated process increases speed without sacrificing accuracy even on a large scale.


In addition to our stamping line, we also use 3 CNC Wiedemann turret presses. With our turret presses we can produce CAD drawn parts with amazing accuracy and proven repeatability. Each of our three turret presses use common toning so Lingo can handle your largest punching projects with ease.


In a less automated process, Lingo also uses fixed tooling to create custom parts in our older punch presses. Although not as high tech, we are able to craft precision parts with repeatable quality at an affordable cost.


Punching is just one of the many services we offer here at Lingo. We also use many of our other in-house capabilities to deliver completed precision parts and assemblies. These other capabilities include laster cutting, MIG/spot welding and powder coating. Lingo can create your finished product all under one roof. Couple all these capabilities with our talented engineers and it’s easy to see why Lingo can make all your custom OEM parts a reality.

We also offer expedited services, as well as warehousing and fulfillment services. In addition, Lingo partners with a wide variety of companies. This allows us to offer other services such as galvanizing and electroplating. We stock most common types of steel and are quick to respond to your needs.

When time and quality are critical, Lingo Manufacturing is here to help. Our customer focused sales team is always eager to assist you with your CNC forming and fabrication needs. Discover for yourself how Lingo Manufacturing can help you with your next project!