Powder Coating and Finishing


Our Powder Coating and Finishing department consist of a 3 Stage Wash System that works to remove debris and prep your custom OEM parts for a final finish. 

  • First Stage: Phosphate bath to clean and etching for maximum adhesion
  • Second Stage: Water Rinse
  • Third Stage:  Phospetizer application to help powder adhere plus add a sealant to help prevent rusting. 

Powder Coating line has over 400' of overhead conveyors on our line and will accommodate parts up to 96" in length. We can handle short or long production runs with multiple color changes.


In addition we have a Manual Paint Booth System for weldments and larger applications and low volume type parts. 

  • Wet Paint Air Dry Line Only


We also offer expedited services, as well as warehousing and fulfillment services. In addition, Lingo partners with a wide variety of companies. This allows us to offer other services such as galvanizing and electroplating. We stock most common types of steel and are quick to respond to your needs.

When time and quality are critical, Lingo Manufacturing is here to help. Our customer focused sales team is always eager to assist you with your CNC forming and fabrication needs. Discover for yourself how Lingo Manufacturing can help you with your next project!