GMC Finish Pro 2560

Graining, Deburring, and Finishing Machine

Here at Lingo Manufacturing we're excited to announce that we purchased a new Finish Pro 2560. This machine helps us provide quality Graining, Deburring, and Finishing for our parts. The Finish Pro 2560 comes with a variable speed conveyor system with vacuum control. It allows us to deburr and eliminate scratches and markings on mild and stainless steel, as well as, aluminum (pre & post fabrication.) We can also add the brushed or grain finish you are looking for. Lingo Manufacturing's Finish Pro 2560 can deburr and finish thousands of parts per hour which can help save you money. This machine will help us deliver to our customers a great quality finished part that’s cost efficient and on time.

Standard Features:

  • Motorized table lift with digital readout
  • Variable speed conveyor
  • Conveyor forward and reverse
  • Electronic eye belt tracking (belt trimmer)
  • Double in feed and out feed pinch rolls with part protectors
  • Air tensioning belt for accurate belt tensioning & compensation of belt stretch
  • Dust collection hood to keep your parts free and clear of dust and debris
  • 24in wide belt area to accommodate sheets or parts up to 48inchs in width

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