CNC Press Brakes

CNC Press Brake


At Lingo Manufacturing we're serious about CNC press brakes. Long our bread and butter in metal manufacturing industry, we have quite a few options to make your parts a reality. Most of our press brakes are locally purchased from Cincinnati Incorporated, with our oldest dating back to around 1955.

We are more than a sheet metal shop. Lingo has multiple CNC press brakes to handle all your metal forming needs. Our press brakes range from 100 tons to 400 tons and use precision segmented tooling to make precise bends to your specifications. From large to small we can handle it all!


Lingo can form the most common metal bends on our CNC machines. We use gooseneck dies, acute dies, general purpose dies, and hemming dies. Also we have custom specialized dies for forming larger radius custom metal bends. We can handle parts up to 10 feet in length, and can bend up to ¼” mild steel. Which is more than enough capacity to handle your largest sheet metal fabrication needs.

To make precision parts on our CNC press brakes, we also use some of our other in-house capabilities to deliver a quality product. Using laser cutting, CNC punching, MIG/spot welding and powder coating Lingo can create your finished product all under one roof. Couple all these capabilities with our talented engineers and it’s easy to see why Lingo can make all your custom OEM parts a reality.


We also offer expedited services, as well as warehousing and fulfillment services. In addition, Lingo partners with a wide variety of companies. This allows us to offer other services such as galvanizing and electroplating. We stock most common types of steel and are quick to respond to your needs.

When time and quality are critical, Lingo Manufacturing is here to help. Our customer focused sales team is always eager to assist you with your CNC forming and fabrication needs. Discover for yourself how Lingo Manufacturing can help you with your next project!