Antimicrobial Treated Powder Coating

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Lingo Manufacturing has been actively trying to support our critical infrastructure business partners.  We began looking for ways to help limit the spread of this virus, and other than the obvious ways to clean our facilities and limit group meetings, we wanted to help more of our customer base.  With that in mind, we found a product that might be of interest.  Lingo Manufacturing will now have access to a Antimicrobial-Treated Powder Coating.  These coatings provide Anti-microbial and corrosion protection that is ideal for hospitals, public transit, restaurants, park and playground structures, medical equipment, water treatment plants, food service packaging equipment, pharmaceutical labs, school and child care facilities.  This antimicrobial protection is limited to the coating itself, and increases anti-microbial efficiency by over 40% with a 24 hour period.  Anti-microbial Powder Coating only requires cleaning with a mild detergent and water as opposed to costly bleaches and sanitizers to save on cost while providing you safety.  This product will not protect 100% against disease-causing bacteria, viruses or germs, but it will help to reduce and minimize them substantially.  This powder is available in a full range of colors, textures, and glosses.  

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